What's in a name?

The church has always struggled to fulfill Jesus’ call to go into all the world and make disciples (Matthew 28). In fact, on our own, it is an impossible task. Jesus, however, not only calls us, he also gives us every gift we need to follow his call! The Passage Institute for Youth and Theology was formed both in recognition of the difficulty the contemporary church has making our youth into disciples and in gratitude for God’s good gifts.

The name “Passage” indicates our goal: to partner with churches to chart a course through the largely pathless wilderness that lies between adolescence and adult discipleship. The primary way we do this is through our year-long “Passage Fellowship.”

The “Institute for Youth and Theology” indicates the way we pursue our goal: using the resources of LeTourneau University, a Christian institution of higher learning, to discover and share the gifts God has given his people for making disciples: 1) resources ranging from Scripture to strategies, from God’s promises to Christian practices and prayer; and 2) relationships with others who are committed to responding faithfully to God’s call.

Please let us support you and serve you as you seek to respond faithfully to God’s call to make young persons into disciples of Christ!

Our Mission

To equip youth and those who minister to youth for participation in God’s mission to reconcile and restore all creation through Christian study and practice.


Our work is funded by a generous grant (2016-2019) from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. and supported by LeTourneau University and the School of Theology and Vocation. We thank them for their generosity! To support our work, click here.